Mindset Mentoring for World Class Wealth with Arash Vossoughi.
“Your personal standard is your DNA to success.”
-Arash Vossoughi

Millionaire Mornings

Millionaires do everything just a little bit - different. Download our Millionaire Mornings guide so you can upgrade your morning routine, optimize your thinking and elevate your results.

raise your standard

Are you ready to be thrilled with all the pieces that make up your life?

We know you are the kind of person that has a high expectation for your life. If you want better results, it’s time to raise your standard.

You’re in the right place. This is your right time.

At Voss Coaching Co we provide three coaching options to help you live a life of excellence. For over 28 years we’ve worked with the most legendary figures in the personal development industry and have helped millions of people from all around the world and all walks of life start living the life they really want.

This is where you get the tools, step-by-step instruction and coaching to live an excellent life and elite lifestyle. Work with Voss Coaching Co.


Personal Mentorship

The most elite level one-on-one mentoring for the most serious student who wants to create a massive quantum leap in a short period of time through deep mentorship paired with exact direction and strategy.

Elite Group Coaching

This is elite level coaching in a group environment. You can expect step-by-step direction to create massive transformation and freedom.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching may be the single most valuable investment into any corporations. This is where we work with your company with a tailored approach on developing culture, leadership and a significant improvement in overall operations and sales.


Arash Vossoughi is a Millionaire Mentor, Self Image Expert, and thought leader who coaches thousands of clients every year to operate with excellence and create a life they love.

Our mission at Voss Coaching Co is to arm people with the information to change their lives and infuse them with the belief that anything is possible. We give specific step-by-step instruction, hold you accountable to actually do it, and help then you live a life of excellence – consistently and long term.

At Voss Coaching Co we are passionate about helping YOU live your best life.


Millionaire Mornings with Arash Vossoughi

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