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President and Co-Founder

Arash Vossoughi is a Millionaire Mentor, Self Image Expert, and thought leader who coaches thousands of clients every year to operate with excellence and create a life they love.

Our mission at Voss Coaching Co is to arm people with the information to change their lives and infuse them with the belief that anything is possible. We give specific step-by-step instruction, hold you accountable to actually do it, and help then you live a life of excellence – consistently and long term.

At Voss Coaching Co we are passionate about helping YOU live your best life.


CEO And Co-Founder

Mykie Stiller is the Co-founder and CEO of Voss Coaching Co, a company committed to helping individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs break through barriers and achieve personal freedom.

With over a decade of marketing expertise, Mykie has had the opportunity to host dozens of Coaches Corners + Protégé Panels for tens of thousands of people worldwide looking improve their mindset and their life.

As the co-host of the 7-Figure Standard podcast launching in April of 2023, Mykie along with Arash leads conversations that empower others to let go of their circumstances and go all in on what they really want.

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